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Helen Ellison

Helen has been at the nursery since 2003. She wears many different hats around the nursery taking care of the wholesale business, stocking tables up front, ringing customers on the register and the always needed watering. Helen is a smart, lovely, devoted person who can always be counted on. She had a 20 year career in the banking business before she came to the Garden Center. She has learned an incredible amount of information throughout the years mainly from Jeff and Suzy and her own personal garden at home. Her favorite flowers to plant are State Fair Zinnias and Indian Summer Rudbeckias. She loves working outside in the fresh air with our wonderful crew. Working here has given her an outlet to be creative with colors and textures in planted containers and displays and loves to continue to learn all there is to know about the wide world of flowers!

Danielle Zane

Another front counter face is Danielle. Danielle is a young, strong, hard-working girl who recently graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in agriculture science and communications. Danielle is a local who grew up in Paynes Creek where her family has a ranch and a back yard orchard. She loves to see what she can make with each of her harvests specializing in canning and baking, and boy, do we love to sample! This sassy girl is eager to answer all questions and eager to learn from others as well, since ornamental plants are not as familiar to her as livestock, which is Danielle's true love.
Ron Slavin

Ron is our savior. He is the man that helps us out in our times of need. He waters the tables, puts up our banners, plants our vegetable fields and many other random tasks that would otherwise go undone. Ron has been a part of the nursery family for about 5 years. He grew up in Oklahoma but made his way to Fresno and went to Fresno State where he received his teaching degree. After teaching in Fresno for a while he then came to Red Bluff and taught 4th grade in this district for 33 years. There are many things that Ron enjoys about working in the nursery setting including the camaraderie, being outside in the elements and being able to watch things grow. We couldn't do it without him!
Rebecca Tranbarger

Rebecca, A.K.A. “Becky”, may be a familiar face to some of our customers due to the fact that she was a third grade teacher in the Red Bluff area for 15 years. She may know things about your kids that you didn’t even know! She also knows a lot about gardening thanks to her perseverance in her own huge Victorian home style yard. From what I hear the ground is barely visible and it is quite magnificent! She has now been deemed the Coleus Queen around the nursery.
Becky is originally from southern California where her job as a child was to mow the lawn (who knew where it would take her?). She went to the University of Redlands and majored in Art. She was then lucky enough to marry her High School sweetheart Tom, and have two boys.
Gardening has become one of Becky’s main hobbies and passions. She feels that planting a garden is like painting a living canvas. Her creativity can also be enjoyed in small spaces such as the six downtown planters she takes care of. Her knowledge thus far has been self taught as well as from the millions of questions she asks when she is here and since one can never know everything about gardening I have a feeling there will be a million more…
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