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There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep
up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling. ~Mirabel Osler

Here at Red Bluff Garden Center we are dedicated to helping our customers become more acquainted with all of the many garden possibilities. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will give you the answers and products you need to succeed. Our creativity will flow from our yard to yours as you become inspired by our many displays and color combos.
We offer a large variety of perennials, annuals and vegetables all grown here at the nursery. These locally grown, acclimated plants will do better in your yard due to the fact that they are from this area. Portions of the north state are in a Mediterranean climate which only 2% of the earth's landmass is considered. This means that we have extremely hot dry summers and very cold winters. Specific plants are needed to live and thrive in these types of temperatures and we do our best to ensure that the plants we grow and bring into the nursery are going to do well in these conditions. Besides plants, our nursery will provide you with all the fixin's for a successful garden experience.
What we offer:

-Shade Plants
-Shade -Trees
-Fruit Trees
-Pond Plants
-House Plants
-Soil Amendments
-Outdoor Furniture
-Gift Cards
-Answers with a Smile
-Cacti & Succulents
-Planted Containers
-Free Classes
-Planted Containers
A bit o' history...
Red Bluff Garden Center is located off of Antelope Boulevard in Red Bluff California. It is a quaint little nursery with big character. The nursery itself has been around since about 1958-59, but bought by Bud Winter in 1960. The nursery then was very small, but sold bedding plants, vegetables, fruit trees, shade tree, shrubs and houseplants, everything it has now but on a smaller scale. Many of our long time customer's remember it from way back then.

In 1976 Bud's son, George, bought the nursery from him. Over the next few years he began to expand the nursery adding a front shade structure, more stock and bought three more acres in the back in 1980. As the nursery continued to grow, greenhouses were built on the back lot and used to propagate houseplants. For a period of time Red Bluff Garden Center sold wholesale houseplants to 50 florists in the area on a weekly basis! Keeping it in the family was George's son Doug who ran the houseplant business. George's other son, Brian, also played a part by being the nursery manager for some time.
Bedding plants were also grown, mostly annuals and vegetables. At one time plants were sold from dug out flats, meaning diggin' into the redwood boxes full of plants, using a trowel to dig out a section of plants and taking it home in a card board box with bare soil. The nursery has come a long way!

In 1992 George expanded even more by buying a nursery in Redding now known as Wyntour Garden's. Other improvements such as the large scale wholesale bedding plants now grown and sold here by Jeff Brooks under the name of North Valley Grower's provides the North state with locally grown, acclimated annuals and perennials to be proud of. Jeff began running the wholesale enterprise in 2001 and sells to 22 retail nurseries from Weaverville to Tahoe and everywhere in between!

Now, fully stocked with blooming beauties, running fountains, statuary, ceramic containers, shade trees and more, the nursery is running over with plants and yard adornments to accent and beautify your home. As we continue to grow and learn, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable, friendly staff that is willing to answer all your questions and concerns about plants. We are here to provide you with information and help you build an outside living space that is functional, beautiful, relaxing and just your personality. Come explore what we have to offer!
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